Ashton Lane – December 2nd 2016

We’re back!

The fabulous Ashton Lane, UK country band, are coming to the Mill House on Friday December 2nd for a house concert. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re missing a treat – superb vocals (the wonderful Esther!) backed by great arrangements, and they are really REALLY nice people. Tickets will be £10 to cover the bands costs and fees, and trust us, it’ll be worth it. has some of their stuff to listen to, including the iconic One Kiss Later and Nashville Heart. They”ve appeared at Country2Country at the O2, and are frankly just awesome – you’ll love them.

Note – we are hoping to live straam the gig: as per previous occasions, if we do we’ll make a streaming link and a Paypal donations link available.

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Talis live TONIGHT!

You’ll be able to listen via our UStream channel as usual. We gave Google Hangouts On Air a whirl, but it needs more testing time (and a bigger second monitor!).

Expect the stream up around 6.30, and the concert around 7ish.

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Streaming Talis – some technical changes

First up – we’re considering a change this time out, from UStream to Google Hangouts On Air. Watch this space for the URLs.

The reasoning behind this is several-fold: it means we don’t get the stream interrupted by adverts. Second up, it will archive the concert to YouTube as soon as its done, and thirdly the hangout interface is better supported and less browser-fussy. We’ll be running a test stream sometime on Saturday to see how this works.

Secondly, we’ve got some better camera software to drive the webcams, so hopefully we should have less issues with the flicker on the fluorescent tubes in the room.

And finally, we have managed to get hold of a backdrop, so no more watching buses going past the window through the blind!

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Talis Kimberley live at the Mill House

Should you be free on this Bank Holiday Sunday as ever is, that’s the 26th in (yes, yes) less than two weeks time, Talis and band will be performing live as ever is at the Mill House, and on streaming video here.

The set will start around 7, to give folks time to get home afterwards if you’re coming from further afield. As per usual, this will be a pass the hat concert at the venue, so we can cover Talis’ fuel costs etc, and the option to donate online via PayPal for listeners.

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Tricky Pixie live TONIGHT!

We’re just busy getting ready at the moment – the guys should be arriving around 6ish, and hopefully we’ll be ready to roll around 7pm.

As previously mentioned, we’ll be doing this in a similar way to before – a hat will be passed with a suggested donation of £10/£5 (waged/unwaged), and folks watching the stream are welcome to make a donation via Paypal via the buttons in the sidebar.

The live stream will be up sometime before at

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Tricky Pixie live at the Mill House

Yup – that’s right. Coming soon – the 22nd September, in fact – we have the one and only Tricky Pixie – that’s SJ Tucker, Betsy Tinney and Alexander James Adams – visiting the Mill House for a one-off concert on their way to the German filk convention, FilkCONtinental. As with Heather and Ben’s concert, we will be streaming it.

Tricky Pixie is an adventurous gypsy celtic folk rock trio, unleashed from the land of Fae. These wild and masterful performers are as much visual and interactive as instrumental, wielding vocal harmonies woven with guitar, violin, cello, mandolin, and several bodhran. They’ll take you down the twilight roads with a ride through Celtic rock, haunting and bluesy a cappella numbers, sweetly sung circus lullabies and roaring tribal folk songs. Find more at

The precise starting time is still under discussion, but should be somewhere around 7pm UK time/2pm US Eastern/11am US Pacific/8pm Germany. We’ll be doing this in a similar way to before – a hat will be passed with a suggested donation of £10/£5 (waged/unwaged), and folks watching the stream are welcome to make a donation via Paypal.


Watch this space for more.


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Heather and Ben re-stream starting shortly.

8pm UK time start. The stream (of their 14th April concert here at the Mill House) can be found at

The archive of the stream can be found at – apologies for the 40 seconds of blank screen at the start – hopefully I’m starting to get my head round the whole streaming process now.

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Heather and Ben – restream

We’ll be restreaming Heather and Ben’s live concert from the Mill House tomorrow night – Saturday 2nd June 2012 – at 8pm. Watch this page for a link.

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The geeky bit…

Well, some of it, anyway.

For folks wondering how it’s all done, here’s the skinny. Continue reading

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Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps

As those of you who were there or watching online will confirm, we had a fantastic concert with Heather and Ben on April 14th. We had about a dozen folks in the room, and if the stats are to be believed, upwards of 20 online, including the folks from MASSFILC watching at the start of one of their meetings.

Our standard approach is not to archive the stream on UStream as it goes out, but to record it locally and edit it to tidy it a little, before restreaming the result. So, hopefully, we’ll be restreaming this one in the next couple of weeks – watch this space!

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