Tricky Pixie live TONIGHT!

We’re just busy getting ready at the moment – the guys should be arriving around 6ish, and hopefully we’ll be ready to roll around 7pm.

As previously mentioned, we’ll be doing this in a similar way to before – a hat will be passed with a suggested donation of £10/£5 (waged/unwaged), and folks watching the stream are welcome to make a donation via Paypal via the buttons in the sidebar.

The live stream will be up sometime before at

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2 Responses to Tricky Pixie live TONIGHT!

  1. Amy says:

    I was pointed in this direction by Sooj’s Kickstarter update mentioning that the Tricky Pixie concert recording was archived here but I haven’t seen it pop up. I was sad to miss the livestream so I’ve been looking forward to seeing the recording. Do you have an ETA on when it will be available?


  2. Rosy says:

    Hi! I’m just wondering if the Tricky Pixie concert will be streamed online… I would dearly love to watch it!

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