Streaming Talis – some technical changes

First up – we’re considering a change this time out, from UStream to Google Hangouts On Air. Watch this space for the URLs.

The reasoning behind this is several-fold: it means we don’t get the stream interrupted by adverts. Second up, it will archive the concert to YouTube as soon as its done, and thirdly the hangout interface is better supported and less browser-fussy. We’ll be running a test stream sometime on Saturday to see how this works.

Secondly, we’ve got some better camera software to drive the webcams, so hopefully we should have less issues with the flicker on the fluorescent tubes in the room.

And finally, we have managed to get hold of a backdrop, so no more watching buses going past the window through the blind!

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3 Responses to Streaming Talis – some technical changes

  1. Chris the Magician says:

    Cosmic Trifle at Zander’s – how do we watch this this evening?

  2. Volker says:

    Haven’t you have had successful audio-streaming in the past with a IceCast?
    If you need I could provide you with access to my tested (audio-only) streaming server.

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